Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bone Marrow Donor Registry

TL;DR: Come to Rennebohm Hall 2339 Feb 26 at 6pm for informational meeting on the bone marrow donor registry and how to join

Bone Marrow Donor Registry Informational Meeting
~Hosted by PGHIG and MAPP, but ALL students, staff, faculty are welcome!

WHEN: 6PM Thursday, February 26th

WHERE: Rennebohm Hall Room 2339

  • Ben Rouse: Leukemia survivor to share his experience with the disease and bone marrow transplant
  • You:
    • this is an INFORMATIONAL meeting only. You will not be asked to sign up for or donate anything at the meeting
    • even if you don't think you will become a donor, come learn about the facts, needs, and process of the program so you may pass the information on to those who will consider it
  • DVD: learn about the National Marrow Donor Program ( and the process of becoming a donor
  • Each year, more than 30,000 patients are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease treatable by a marrow or blood cell transplant.
  • 70% of patients in need of transplant do not have a suitable family donor.
  • At any given time, 3,000 patients are searching the National Marrow Donor Program Registry for an unrelated donor.
  • Think about this:
How many times have you donated blood, seen a blood drive around campus, or received information on the importance of donating blood?
Now...How many times have you seen a bone marrow donor registry drive or received information on it?
This cause is just as important...

Please come learn about the registry, help raise the awareness, and provide support for those patients, families, and friends who await your help!


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