Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OT: Association for Asian American Studies

At the 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA) this past weekend in New York City, I attended the Section on Asia and Asian Americans reception. It was in Chinatown at a Vietnamese restaurant with tres yummy food.

A few of the faculty who attended this reception suggested attending the Association for Asian American Studies conference in 2008 that's happening in Chicago. Here are the event details:


Where is the “Heart” of Asian America?:
Troubling “American” Identity and Exceptionalism in an Age of Globalization and Imperialism”

April 16-20, 2008

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
2233 S. Martin Luther King Dr.
Chicago, IL 60616

Deadline for paper submissions is October 2007. Perhaps a few of the AAAGS members can get together to organize a paper session? There's enough of us doing work now in the areas of humanities and social sciences to get one session together.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Event: AAAGS planning meeting (logistics and themes)

WHAT: "AAAGS retreat follow up: Turning our Ideas into Action"

GOALS: To map out dates, themes, room reservations, and timeline for events we hope to lead this year. We'll also be delegating fun (and not so fun) tasks. We need everyone's input and volunteer energy to make this next year just as successful as last year's. Come one and all, this is an open planning meeting for AAAGS members. We encourage those who were at the retreat to attend for continuity of the discussions, and if you weren't there, no worries! We'll be talking about AAVoices, the Dinner and Dialog for faculty and grad students, a dinner with undergraduate student leaders, the fall event, terrace social nights, the Mid Autumn Lunar potluck, and much much more! We also need to figure out how to fund all these events through a fair division of the grant and fundraising efforts.

LOCATION: AASP Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Ingraham Hall, Room 340. It's on Observatory Drive, across from Social Sciences and the parking lot.

WHEN: 12pm to 2:00 pm

WHO: All AAAGS Members and AAAGS student and faculty friends

CONTACT: Email mnguyen[at]ssc[dot]wisc[dot]edu if so we can get a rough headcount of who can show up.