Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conversations and Coffee Hour: 3 Meeting

I think that the last discussion we had was great. I learned a lot about Wisconsin's health care and about the personal stories and issues that are in our group. From the feedback of last week's meeting I think that we want to stay on the subject of health care for one more week but to have it more policy orientated. So below is an op-ed from the Wall Street Journal that I thought we can discuss. So come with your agreements or disagreements and lets discuss it. - Opinion: At the Table, but on the Menu*
FYI: -The Senate Finance Committee just approved the Health Bill today. -The America's Health Insurance Plans released a report out yesterday that says that the new health bill will increase family health-insurance policy in the near future.
For additional information:
*****I thought the BBC did a great job explaining, in more simple terms, the system we have and what we want we may change.
The BBC news website explains the Obama administration's attempts to reform the American healthcare system.< >
*****This was from Liz and it goes into a lot of details on where the cost of rising health care is coming from.
The Factors Fueling Rising Health Care Costs
*****NPR also has a great interactive chart that helps us to understand what each of the health proposals mean to us depending on our health insurance status.