Thursday, September 4, 2008

Campus snapshot of Asian Americans

Linda Park and I were looking up 2007-2008 statistics on "guestimates" of Asian Americans on campus to update some grant language for AAAGS.

These are just some rough figures (we don't know, however, the methodologies for how these numbers were generated or how durable the definitions have been over time).


  • Faculty: 216/2198 = 9.8 percent (we don't really know how accurate this is!)
  • Academic Staff: 509/6826 = 7.4 percent
  • Graduate Students (Masters and PhD non-professional school): 319/8860 = 3.6 percent
  • Professional School Students: 189/2080 = 9.1 percent*

* We have reason to believe that this number is inflated due to the possible inclusion of overseas graduate students. This means that the number of Asian American graduate students, as well as the number of graduate non-professional Asian American students, is actually lower than these figures would suggest.

All ethnic minorities: 861/8860= 9.7 percent

Source: Academic Planning and Analysis, UW Madison, 2007-2008 Figures (assembled from various excell spreadsheets). If you know of some more accurate or up to date figures, please let us know!

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