Monday, March 24, 2008

AA Film Fest

Hello AAAGS peeps!
just wanted to let you know that AAAGS will again be hosting a "Movie and Meal event". This year, we've selected "New Year Baby" showing on Sunday April 6th at 12:45pm at the Chazen Museum. We will plan a brunch meal prior to the movie--place and time TBD. If time is an issue you can do one or the other (eat with folks and not watch movie or not eat but come watch movie)... We've got 20 FREE tix for this movie. First come, first serve, so reply quickly!
The Asian American film fest is on April 3-6 (it is part of the Wisconsin Film Festival). There are 4 films this year: New Year Baby, Man of Hula, Hollywood Chinese, and Tie a Yellow Ribbon. All of them are very good (AASP went for quality instead of quantity this year). Please check for descriptions of the movies.
A special treat this year!!
the Asian American Studies Program has given us extra tickets for each of the other films in the AA film festival. AAAGS will have 4 tix for each other film
4 for Tie a Yellow Ribbon on Thursday, April 3rd 9:30pm (Bartell Theater)
4 for Hollywood Chinese on Thursday, April 3rd, 7:45pm (Cinemateque)
2 for Na Kamalei (Men of Hula) on Friday, April 4th, 5:00pm (Chazen Museum)
2 for Na Kamalei (Men of Hula) on Saturday, April 5th 2:30pm (Chazen Museum)

Please let us know asap if you want any of these extra FREE tix! Each person can order up to 2 tix for now (maybe you can get more than 2 later if there are any left). Details coming on how to pick up your ticket.

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